Guillermo Pfening Wins Best Actor at Tribeca

As if it wasn't thrilling enough for Julia Solomonoff's film Nobody's Watching to premier at this year's Tribeca Film Festival,  my scene partner— the wonderful Guillermo Pfening — won Best Actor in an International Narrative Feature! So well deserved and what a joy it was to act with him.

World Premiere of Julia Solomonoff's "Nadie Nos Mira" 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

Out of thousands of submissions, Nadie Nos Mira (translation: Nobody's Watching) - by Julia Solomonoff starring Guillermo Pfenning and Paolo Baldion - will be one of ten films premiering in International Narrative Feature Film category at Tribeca Film Festival this year. 

I couldn't be prouder to have played a small role! 

Latest Film Project - 'Act Her Age' by Claire Dub

Telling the stories of middle age women, hilariously! What could be better?! Great cast - Darlene Dues, Katherine Dudas, Alexandra Foucard, and Lori Funk - and crew! Claire Dub (writer/director), Randy Rubin (DP), Maggie Goldrainer (stylist), Marissa Masella (makeup), Mia Escobar (hair) 

Constance is having none of this tomfoolery. photo Ruth Ottaviani

Constance is having none of this tomfoolery. photo Ruth Ottaviani

Table Read and Wardrobe Fitting Today

with a completely delightful all-female cast, stylist margaret goldrainer and director Claire Dub for her upcoming comedic short filming this month. Thrilled to be a part of this stupendous team! I'm sworn to secrecy but look forward to sharing more when the time is right. 

Latest Film Project

Just returned home from Davenport, Iowa after five days of shooting a leading role in Stephen Folker's feature film Overdue, a film Stephen describes as 85% comedy and 15% horror. I play the eternally optimistic Janet the librarian. Marvelous cast and crew - Look for it in 2017!

New Projects

Very excited to start work on several new projects - a radio drama with dramatist and voice director Ed Champion (something along the lines of Twilight Zone meets Robert Altman) - and a new film project with deft young director Sommer Rusinski that will explore the natural evolution of the fantasies of youth. As always, more to come. 

Screening Tomorrow

Looking forward to the private first screening of short film To Whom It May Concern, a witty contemplation on quarter life crisis that I had the privilege to act in. Gabriella Piazza (what a voice, what a body, what a talent!) stars, Blake Rice directs. Yay team! 

Follow To Whom It May Concern on Twitter and Instagram as it makes the rounds: @TWIMCFilm  #TWIMCFilm

To Whom It May Concern

Was delighted to reunite with this lovely team yesterday for a little ADR on their short To Whom It May Concern - should put a bow on it in time for this year's film festival season. Here are some stills from the shoot back in January, with Blake Rice directing, Gaby Piazza starring. Beautiful cast/crew, wonderful script, to die for set, an all around great day - so grateful. Photos: Duncan Wilder

On getting cast in Nobody's Watching

So delighted to be featured in the #IGotCast column in Backstage talking about a recent casting and my 'process' for submitting to projects.

The woman I play in Nadie Nos Mira (Nobody's Watching) is an affluent NYC mom/executive living a lifestyle inaccessible to the Argentine characters in the film. She's looking out for her own needs and somewhat oblivious to their dreams and struggles - so, in a way, she kind of represents the collective American myopia about the immigrant experience. It is a movie with a lot of heart and I was delighted to be a small part of it.

When asked about how I approach self-submissions, I realized that, for me, it's very Marie Kondo. Does it spark something in me? If so, I trust that and submit. I'm leaning on intuition more and more because good things tend to follow when I do. Grateful to the Nobody's Watching team and for Backstage for the shout out.