Modeling insomnia for Consumer Reports

Happy New Year! I think it was Amy Adams who said, the actors job is not to get the part, it's to build a body of work. For me, that's what 2016 is about: playing, connecting, and continuing to build a body of work I am proud of. 

And so far, so good. In recent weeks, I was delighted to perform a leading role in the short film Alone, shoot a scene for upcoming webisode comedy Free Therapy, and win supporting roles in two upcoming short films Dark Blue and Mary Whitman Comes Home (both shooting February/March 2016 in New Jersey). Plus I'm happy to be in consideration for several other indie films with some wonderful roles I'd be honored to do. Plus...

And hey - that's me in the February issue of Consumer Reports, on stands now. It's a great issue with product reviews and tips for getting better sleep in 2016, plus a cool photo shoot by Craig Cutler including me sleepless and unhappy next to the lovely Callie Cam. Also among the sleepless are model Evander Holyfield Jr and an absolutely gorgeous great dane Chester. Thanks to everyone at Consumer Reports and Milk Studios including Karen Shinbaum, photo editor, and Craig Cutler, photographer, and MSA Models for the gig.

To everyone reading this: Best wishes for a happy, safe, prosperous, healthy, good-sleep-filled 2016!