On getting cast in Nobody's Watching

So delighted to be featured in the #IGotCast column in Backstage talking about a recent casting and my 'process' for submitting to projects.

The woman I play in Nadie Nos Mira (Nobody's Watching) is an affluent NYC mom/executive living a lifestyle inaccessible to the Argentine characters in the film. She's looking out for her own needs and somewhat oblivious to their dreams and struggles - so, in a way, she kind of represents the collective American myopia about the immigrant experience. It is a movie with a lot of heart and I was delighted to be a small part of it.

When asked about how I approach self-submissions, I realized that, for me, it's very Marie Kondo. Does it spark something in me? If so, I trust that and submit. I'm leaning on intuition more and more because good things tend to follow when I do. Grateful to the Nobody's Watching team and for Backstage for the shout out.